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Operator Panels 70 series:


The SIMATIC Panels of the 70 Series have been the low-cost starter devices in the range of operator panels with graphical capability for several years. They are ideally suited to small-scale HMI tasks.

The pixel-graphics display can be used for the graphical display of the processes using, for example, bitmaps or bar charts. The font size can be varied to achieve excellent readability even at a distance.

As form factor, you can choose among the especially compact OP73 with a 3 inch display and the two versions of the OP 77 with their 4.5 inch display

SIMATIC OP 73/OP 77A and OP 77B are members of a complete and integrated SIMATIC HMI family of panels that can be configured with the engineering software SIMATIC WinCC flexible. Even the low-cost WinCC flexible Compact package can be used.


For all panels of  the series 70  successor devices are available. These panels from the Basic or Comfort Panel families offer all the advantages  of  the recently developed devices.


Order Numbers

The operator panel

OP 73

6AV6 641-0AA11-0AX0

OP 77A

6AV6 641-0BA11-0AX1

OP 77B

6AV6 641-0CA01-0AX1


Multi master RS232/PPI (OP73/77A to download and update the firmware)

6ES7 901-3CB30-0XA0

USB / PPI (to download OP73/OP77A)

6ES7 901-3DB30-0XA0

null-modem RS232 (OP77B to download and update the firmware) 


6ES7 901-1BF00-0XA0

MPI (for connecting the OP / TP to the S7-CPU)


6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0

RS 232-TTY converter for OP 77B


6ES5 734-1BD20

Engineering software WinCC flexible 2008 Compact

6AV6 611-0AA51-3CA5

Set design: WinCC flexible 2008 Compact, CD with manuals, cables downloads

6AV6 621-0AA01-0AA0

Engineering software WinCC Comfort

6AV2 101-0AA02-0AA5

 Protection for the front OP77A / B, including the upper and lower frame, a protective membrane

2 pcs.

6AV6 671-1AJ00-0AX0

MMC card for OP77B, OP / TP 177B, Mobile Panel 177


6AV6 671-1CB00-0AX2

Service package for panels OP73, OP77A / B (5 spring-pin connector for power supply, mounting gaskets)

6AV6 671-1XA00-0AX0


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