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Produce kinds of industrial interface, adaptor & industrial controller


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Ordering Information



Ordering Information

LOGO! Basic -25 ... +70  C

6AG1 052-1MD00-2BA6

The module IO -25 ... +70  C

6AG1 055-1MB00-2XB1

6AG1 052-1SS01-2BA6

6AG1 055-IPB00-2XB0

6AG1 052-1HB00-2BA6

6AG1 055-ICB00-2XB0

6AG1 052-1FB00-2BA6 

6AG1 055-1HB00-2XB0

6AG1 052-1FB00-2BA7 

6AG1 055-1FB00-2XB1

6AG1 052-1MD00-2BA7 

6AG1 055-1NB10-2BA0

LOGO! Pure -40 +70  C 

6AG1 052-2MD00-2BA6

6AG1 055-1MB00-2XB0

6AG1 052-2SS01-2BA6

The module IO -40 ... +70  C

6AG1 055-1MB00-2BY1

6AG1 052-2HB00-2BA6

6AG1 055-1PB00-2BY0

6AG1 052-2FB00-2BA6

6AG1 055-1CB00-2BY0

LOGO! Power

6AG1 331-1SH03-7AA0

6AG1 055-1HB00-2BY0

6AG1 332-1SH43-7AA0

6AG1 055-1FB00-2BYI

6AG1 332-1SH52-7AA0

6AG1 055-1MA00-2BY0


6AG1 055-4MH00-2BA0

6AG1 055-1MM00-2BY1


6AG1 053-1AA00-2AA0



S7-200  SIPLUS

Ordering Information

S7-200  SIPLUS

Ordering Information

CPU- S7-200

6AG1 211-0AA23-2XB0

I/O module S7 -200

6AG1 221-1BF22-2XB0

6AG1 211-0BA23-2XB0

6AG1 221-1BH22-2XA0

6AG1 212-1AB23-2XB0

6AG1 222-1BF22-2XB0

6AG1 212-1BB23-2XB0

6AG1 223-1HF22-2XB0

6AG1 214-1AD23-2XB0

6AG1 223-1BF22-2XB0

6AG1 214-1BD23-2XB0

6AG1 223-1HF22-2XB0

6AG1 214-2AG23-2XB0

6AG1 223-1BH22-2XB0

6AG1 214-2BD23-2XB0

6AG1 223-1PH22-2XB0

6AG1 216-2AD23-2XB0

6AG1 223-1BL22-2XB0

6AG1 216-2BD23-2XB0

6AG1 223-1PL22-2XB0

The memory module MC 291

6ES7 291-8GF23-0XA0

6AG1 231-0HC22-2XB0

6ES7 291-8GH23-0XA0

6AG1 231-7PB22-2XA0

Communication module

6AG1 277-0AA22-2XA0

6AG1 232-0HB22-2XB0


6AG1 901-3CB30-2XA0

6AG1 235-0KD22-2XB0

TD 200

6AG1 272-0AA30-2YA1


6AG1 203-1AA00-2AA0

TD 400C

6AG1 640-0AA00-2AX1

Power supply unit

6AG1 203-1SH31-2AA0

S7-1200- SIPLUS

Order No.

S7-1200- SIPLUS

Order No.

The CPU -20 ... +600  C

6AG1 211-1AE31-4XB0

Signal Module    -25 ... +70  C

6AG1 221-1BF30-2XB0

6AG1 211-1BE31-4XB0

6AG1 221-1BF30-4XB0

6AG1 211-1HE31-4XB0

6AG1 221-1BH30-2XB0

6AG1 212-1AE31-4XB0

6AG1 221-1BH30-4XB0

6AG1 212-1BE31-4XB0

6AG1 222-1BF30-2XB0

6AG1 212-1HE31-4XB0

6AG1 222-1BH30-2XB0

6AG1 214-1AG31-4XB0

6AG1 222-1HF30-2XB0

6AG1 214-1BG31-4XB0

6AG1 222-1HF30-2XB0

6AG1 214-1BG31-4XB0

6AG1 222-1BF30-4XB0


6AG1 222-1BH30-4XB0


6AG1 222-1HF30-4XB0


6AG1 222-1HH30-4XB0

6AG1 211-1AE31-2XB0

6AG1 223-1BH30-2XB0

6AG1 211-1HE31-2XB0

6AG1 223-1BL30-2XB0

6AG1 211-1HE31-2XB0

6AG1 223-1PH30-2XB0

6AG1 212-1AE31-2XB0

6AG1 223-1PL30-2XB0

6AG1 212-1HE31-2XB0

6AG1 223-1BH30-4XB0

6AG1 212-1HE31-2XB0

6AG1 223-1BL30-4XB0

6AG1 214-1AG31-2XB0

6AG1 223-1PH30-4XB0

6AG1 214-1BG31-2XB0

6AG1 223-1PL30-4XB0

6AG1 214-1HG31-2XB0

6AG1 231-4HD30-2XB0

Communication module  -25 ... +700 C

6AG1 241-1CH30-2XB0

6AG1 231-4HD30-4XB0

6AG1 241-1AH30-2XB0

6AG1 231-5PD30-2XB0

6AG1 243-5DX30-7XE0

6AG1 231-5PF30-2XB0

6AG1 242-5DX30-7XE0

6AG1 231-5QD30-4XB0

Communication module-25 ... +55 0 C

6AG1 243-5DX30-2XE0

6AG1 231-5QF30-4XB0

6AG1 242-5DX30-2XE0

6AG1 231-5QF30-2XB0

Communication module 0 ... +600 C

6AG1 241-1CH30-4XB0

6AG1 232-4HB30-2XB0

6AG1 241-1AH30-4XB0

6AG1 232-4HB30-4XB0

Signal board

6AG1 223-0BD30-4XB0

6AG1 234-4HE30-2XB0

6AG1 223-0BD30-5XB0

6AG1 234-4HE30-4XB0

6AG1 223-3BD30-5XB0

6AG1 223-3BD30-5XB0

Power supply unit

6AG1 332-1SH71-7AA0

6AG1 232-4HA30-5XB0

6AG1 332-1SH71-4AA0

6AG1 232-4HA30-4XB0


6AG1 277-1AA10-4AA0

S7-300  SIPLUS

Order Numbers

S7-300  SIPLUS

Order Numbers

CPU            -25 ... +70  C

6AG1 312-5BF04-7AB0

Signal Module    -25 ... +70  C

6AG1 331-7KB02-2AB0

6AG1 313-5BG04-7AB0

6AG1 331-7NF00-2AB0

6AG1 313-6CG04-7AB0

6AG1 331-7TF01-7AB0

6AG1 314-1AG14-7AB0

6AG1 331-7KF02-2AB0

6AG1 314-6CH04-7AB0

6AG1 332-5HB01-2AB0

6AG1 314-6BH04-7AB0

6AG1 332-5HF00-2AB0

6AG1 315-2EH14-7AB0

Signal Module 0 ... +60  C

6AG1 321-7RD00-4AB0

6AG1 315-2FJ14-2AB0

6AG1 321-7TH00-4AB0

6AG1 317-2EK14-7AB0

6AG1 322-5FF00-4AB0

6AG1 317-6FF04-2AB0

6AG1 322-5HF00-4AB0

6AG1 317-2FK14-2AB0

6AG1 326-1RF00-4AB0

Central   processor    -25 ... +70  C

6AG1 312-5BF04-2AY0

6AG1 331-7TB00-4AB0

6AG1 313-5BG04-2AY0

6AG1 331-7PF01-4AB0

6AG1 313-6CG04-2AY0

6AG1 332-8TF01-4AB0

6AG1 314-1AG14-2AY0

6AG1 331-1KF02-4AB0

6AG1 314-6CH04-2AY0

6AG1 331-7SF00-4AB0

6AG1 315-2AH14-2AY0

6AG1 331-7PF01-4AB0

6AG1 315-6FF04-2AY0

6AG1 332-5HD01-4AB0

6AG1 315-2EH14-2AY0

6AG1 332-7ND02-4AB0

6AG1 317-2EK14-2AY0

6AG1 332-7ND02-4AB0

6AG1 317-6FF04-2AB0

6AG1 336-4GE00-4AB0

6AG1 317-2FK14-2AY0

Function Module   -25 ... +60  C

6AG1 350-1AH03-2AE0

Micro Card Memory MMC,3B NFlash

6ES7 953-8LF20-0AA0

6AG1 350-1AH03-2AY0

6ES7 953-8LG20-0AA0

6AG1 350-2AH01-4AE0

6ES7 953-8LJ30-0AA0

6AG1 950-2AA01-4AA0

6ES7 953-8LL31-0AA0

Front connector

6ES7 392-1AJ00-0AA0

6ES7 953-8LM20-0AA0

6ES7 392-1BJ00-0AA0

6ES7 953-8LP20-0AA0

6ES7 392-1AM00-0AA0

Signal Module    -25 ... +60  C EN 50155

6AG1 321-1FF01-2AA0

6ES7 392-1BM01-0AA0

6AG1 321-1FF10-7AA0

Separation module for mixed F - configurations, -25 ... +60  C

6AG1 195-7KF00-2XA0

6AG1 321-1BH02-2AA0

The interface module IM 365:2 xIM365 + connection cable length 1m, -25 ... +60  C

6AG1 365-0BA01-2AA0

6AG1 321-7BH01-2AB0

The communication module   -25 ... +60  C

6AG1 340-1AH02-2AE0

6AG1 321-1CH20-2AA0

6AG1 340-1AH02-2AY0

6AG1 321-1BL00-2AA0

6AG1 340-1CH02-2AE0

6AG1 322-8BF00-2AB0

6AG1 341-1CH02-7AE0

6AG1 322-1BF01-2XB0

6AG1 342-5DA03-7XE0

6AG1 322-1HF10-2AA0

6AG1 343-1CX10-2XE0

6AG1 322-1FF01-7AA0

The communication module 0 ... +60  C

6AG1 343-1CX10-4XE0

6AG1 322-8BH01-2AB0

6AG1 343-1EX30-4XE0

6AG1 322-1BH01-2AA0

6AG1 343-1GX30-4XE0

6AG1 322-1BL00-2AA0

Power supply unit  EN 50155

6AG1 305-1BA80-2AA0

Signal Module    -25 ... +60  C EN 50155

6AG1 322-1HH01-2AA0


6AG1 323-1BH01-2AA0

6AG1 307-1KA02-7AA0

6AG1 326-2BF41-2AB0

Signal Module    -25 ... +60  C EN 50155

6AG1 331-7NF10-2AB0

6AG1 326-2BF41-2AY0

6AG1 326-1BK02-2AB0

6AG1 332-8TF01-2AB0



6AG1 334-0KE00-2AB0


Order Numbers


Order Numbers

The interface module

6AG1 153-1AA03-2XB0

Active bus connector EN 50155 -25 ... +70  C

6AG1 195-7HA00-2XA0

6AG1 153-2BA02-7XB0

6AG1 195-7HB00-7XA0

6AG1 153-2BA02-2XY0

6AG1 195-7HB00-7XA0 

6AG1 153-4AA01-7XB0

6AG1 195-7HC00-2XA0

6AG1 153-2AR03-2XA0

6AG1 195-7HD10-2XA0


Order Numbers


Order Numbers

The interface module -25 ... +60  C

6AG1 151-1AA05-7AB0

DAQ device -25 ... +70  C

6AG1 131-4BD01-7AB0

6AG1 151-1BA02-2AB0

6AG1 131-4BF00-7AA0

6AG1 151-3AA23-2AB0

6AG1 132-4BB31-7AB0

6AG1 151-7AA21-2AB0

6AG1 132-4BB31-7AB0

6AG1 151-7FA21-2AB0

6AG1 132-4BF00-7AA0

6AG1 151-8FB01-2AB0

6AG1 132-4BD32-2AA0

Power Control Module

6AG1 138-4CA01-2AA0

DAQ device -40 ... +70  C

6AG1 132-4BD02-7AA0

6AG1 138-4CA50-2AB0

6AG1 132-4BF00-7AA0

6AG1 138-4CB11-2AB0

6AG1 132-4BF50-7AA0

DAQ device -25 ... +60  C

6AG1 131-4BD01-2AA0

COUNT = 24B/100 kHz, -25 ... +60  C Terminal module -40 ... +70  Codule

6AG1 138-4DA04-2AB0

6AG1 138-4FA04-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CE10-2AA0

6AG1 132-4BB01-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CB30-2AA0 

6AG1 132-4HB01-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CB70-7AA0

DAQ device -25 ... +60  C

6AG1 132-4HB12-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CA30-2AA0

6AG1 138-4FB03-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CL30-7AA0

6AG1 134-4FB01-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CA50-2AA0 

6AG1 134-4GB52-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CA40-2AA0

6AG1 134-4GD00-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CG30-2AA0

6AG1 134-4NB01-7AB0

6AG1 193-4CF50-7AA0

6AG1 135-4FB01-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CB10-7AA0

6AG1 135-4GB01-2AB0

6AG1 193-4CD30-2AA0

6AG1 135-4LB02-7AB0

6AG1 193-4CD20-2AA0



The terminal device internal bus station

6AG1 193-4JA00-2AA0


Order Numbers


Order Numbers

CPU 0 ... +60  C

6AG1 412-3HJ14-4AB0

Synchronization module

6AG1 960-1AB04-4XA0

6AG1 414-4HM14-4AB0

6AG1 960-1AA04-4XA0

6AG1 417-4HT14-4AB0

Interface submodule IF 964-DP

6AG1 964-2AA04-7AB0

6AG1 412-2EK06-2AB0

Communication processor

6AG1 443-5DX05-4XE0

6AG1 414-3EM06-7AB0

6AG1 443-1EX20-4XE0

6AG1 416-3ES06-7AB0

The interface module

6AG1 460-0AA01-2AB0

6AG1 416-3XR05-4AB0

6AG1 461-0AA01-2AA0

6AG1 417-4XT05-4AB0

Power supply unit

6AG1 407-0KA02-4AA0

Memory cards -25 ... +70  C

6AG1 952-1AL00-4AA0

6AG1 407-0KR02-4AA0

6AG1 952-1AM00-7AA0

6AG1 405-0KA02-7AA0

6AG1 952-1AP00-7AA0

Mounting bracket

6AG1 400-1TA11-7AA0

6AG1 952-1AS00-7AA0

6AG1 400-1JA11-7AA0

6AG1 952-1AY00-7AA0

6AG1 400-2JA10-4AA0


Order Numbers


Order Numbers

Redundant automation system 1x UR2-H, 4 modules and 2 sync cable, 4 batteries for the license was PS 40x AS RT 100 PO, 0 ... +60  C

6AG1 656-8BA33-4CD0

active terminal device for PROFIBUS RS485

6AG1 972-0DA00-2AA0 

6AG1 656-8BE33-4CD0

RS485 repeater for PROFIBUS

6AG1 972-0AA02-7XA0

6AG1 656-8CE33-4CD0

RS485 connector for connection to PROFIBUS, -25 ... +60  C, cable outlet at an angle

6AG1 972-0BB12-2XA0

6AG1 656-8CE33-4GD0

6AG1 972-0BB42-7XA0

6AG1 656-8CM33-4CD0

6AG1 500-0EA02-2AA0

6AG1 656-8CM33-4GD0

Optical module due to PROFIBUS

6AG1 503-2CA00-2AA0

6AG1 656-8DM33-4CD0

6AG1 503-3CA00-2AA0

6AG1 656-8DM33-4GD0

6AG1 503-2CB00-2AA0

6AG1 656-8EM33-4CD0

6AG1 503-3CB00-2AA0

6AG1 656-8EM33-4CD1

6AG1 503-2CC00-2AA0

6AG1 656-8EM33-4GD0

6AG1 503-3CC00-4AA0

6AG1 656-8XM33-4XD0

Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET

Order Numbers

Non-redundant system  AS417-4

6AG1 654-8EN03-4BB1

Switch Industrial Ethernet

6AG1 104-2BB00-2AA3

Standard automation system AS 417-4:

6AG1 654-8XK03-4XD0

6AG1 202-2BH00-2BA3


Order Numbers

6AG1 204-2BB10-4AA3

The interface module

6AG 1800-3BA00-7AA0

6AG1 204-2BC10-2AA3

6AG 1800-4BA00-7AA0

6AG1 308-2FL00-4AA3

EGPRS router MD 741-1, -25 ... +60  C

6AG1 741-1AA00-2AA0

Converter SCALANCE X101-1, 0 ...+60  C

6AG1 101-1BB00-4AA3


6AG1 720-3AA00-7AA0

Power Supply

Order Numbers

6AG1 810-0AA20-4AA0 


6AG1 931-2BA00-3AA0

text and Touch panel

Order Numbers

SITOP 1 -, 2-x

6AG1 933-3BA00-2AA0

Text Display

6AG1 272-0AA30-2YA1


6AG1 334-3BA00-2AA0

6AG1 640-0AA00-2AX1


6AG1 334-3BA00-4AA0

The base panel

6AG1 647-0AA11-2AX0


6AG1 334-2BA01-4AA0


6AG1 647-0AD11-2AX0


6AG1 336-3BA00-7AA0


6AG1 647-0AE11-4AX0


6AG1 936-3BA00-4AA0


6AG1 647-0AF11-4AX0


6AG1 337-3BA00-4AA0


6AG1 647-0AG11-4AX0

SITOP 3-phase

6AG1 436-3BA00-7AA0

The operator panel

6AG1 641-0CA01-4AX1

6AG1 436-2BA10-7AA0

6AG1 642-0DC01-4AX1

6AG1 437-3BA10-7AA0

6AG1 642-0DA01-4AX1

6AG1 437-3BA00-4AA0

6AG1 642-0BA01-4AX1


6AG1 961-3BA10-6AA0 

6AG1 642-0BC01-4AX1

modules SITOP

6AG1 961-3BA10-7AA0

6AG1 643-0AA01-4AX0


6AG1 961-3BA21-4AX0

Multifunctional panel  operator

6AG1 643-0CD01-4AX1


6AG1 961-3BA01-7AA0

6AG1 644-0AA01-4AX0

UPS units

6AG1 931-2EC21-2AA0

6AG1 644-0AB01-4AX0

6AG1 931-2FC21-7AA0


6AG1 688-3CD13-4AX0


6AG1 688-3ED13-4AX0

Connection box DP Plus C

6AG1 671-5AE10-4AX0

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