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SIMATIC S7- 400H Fault-tolerant CPUs

High-availability CPUs



automation systems with high reliability requirements of their operation . Exclusion of downtime associated with a large loss of material and money.

S7-400H consists of two identical subsystems, working on a "master-slave".

Both systems are connected with optical cables and perform the exact same program. Managing the process leading subsystem performs. In the event of unstressed control functions are transferred to the driven subsystem.


Order Numbers

CPU for S7-400H/F/FH

CPU 412-5H

6ES7 412-5HK06-0AB0

CPU 414-5H

6ES7 414-5HM06-0AB0

CPU 416-5H

6ES7 416-5HS06-0AB0

CPU 417-4H

6ES7 417-5HT06-0AB0

The synchronization module to synchronize the two CPUs S7-400H


6ES7 960-1AA06-0XA0

> 10m

6ES7 960-1AB06-0XA0

Fibre optic cable for synchronizing two CPU length

(2 required for each cable system H)


6ES7 960-1AA04-5AA0


6ES7 960-1AA04-5BA0


6ES7 960-1AA04-5KA0

Rack UR-2H module slots controller


2 x 9 slots

6ES7 400-1JA00-0AA0

2 x 9 slots, aluminium 

6ES7 400-2JA10-0AA0

Power supply with backup support

PS 405. Input = 24V, output current of 10A 

6ES7 405-0KR02-0AA0

PS 407. Sign 115/230V, 10A output current 

6ES7 407-2JA10-0AA0

Y-Link Y-Link DP module for connecting devices with an interface to the redundant Profibus DP bus

6ES7 197-ILA04-0XA0