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SIMATIC S7 Fail-Safe :

safety automation

Programmable Controllers Simatic S7 F / FH in conjunction with the stations of the distribution IO ET 200S, ET 200iSP, ET 200M, ET 200pro and ET 200eco allow the creation of distribution automation system security and emergency protection (F-systems) that are not emergency situations create hazards to human beings and the threat to the environment.

The main objective of F / FH-systems is the early detection of emergency situations and, if they occur, the translation of part or all of the process equipment in a safe condition. In FH-systems, emergency protection and automatic safety is maintained even in the event of failure of one of the CPUs.



Order Numbers


IM 151-7 F-CPU for the ET 200S

MMC is necessary, refer to S7-300

6ES7 151-7FA21-0AB0

IM 151-8 PN / DP F-CPU for the ET 200S 

6ES7 151-8FB01-0AB0

IM 154-8F PN / DP-CPU for the ET 200pro

6ES7 154-8FB01-0AB0 

CPU 315F-2DP for S7-300F

6ES7 315-6FF04-0AB0

CPU 315F-2PN/DP for S7-300F

6ES7 315-2FJ14-0AB0

CPU 317F-2DP for S7-300F 

6ES7 317-6FF04-0AB0 

CPU 317F-2PN/DP for S7-300F

6ES7 317-2FK14-0AB0 

CPU 317TF-2PN/DP for S7-300F 

6ES7 317-6TF14-0AB0 

CPU 319F-3PN/DP for S7-300F 

6ES7 318-3FL01-0AB0

CPU 414F-3 PN / DP for S7-400F

need a memory card, see the S7-400

6ES7 414-3FM06-0AB0

CPU 416F-2 for S7-400F

6ES7 416-2FN05-0AB0 

CPU 416F-3 PN / DP for S7-400F

6ES7 416-3FS06-0AB0 

Components S7-400FH

The CPU 1xMPI/DP, 1xDP (not for 412-2P), 2 slots for sync modules

CPU 412-3H, RAM 768 MB

6ES7 412-3HJ14-0AB0

CPU 414-4H, RAM 2.8 MB

6ES7 414-4HM14-0AB0

CPU 417-4H, RAM 30 MB

6ES7 417-4HT14-0AB0 

The synchronization module (2 modules for each FH-CPU) 

length d" 10 m 

6ES7 960-1AA04-0XA0 

distance> 10 m

6ES7 960-1AB04-0XA0

Fiber-optic cable to synchronize 2-CPU

1 m

6ES7 960-1AA04-5AA0 

(From 2 pair cable for each FH-CPU), a length

2 m

6ES7 960-1AA04-5BA0


10 m

6ES7 960-1AA04-5KA0

Rack UR-2H, 2 x 9 slots 

6ES7 400-2JA00-0AA0 

F-runtime license for one F / FH sistem  based CPU 41x-H

6ES7 833-1CC00-6YX0 

Software for F / FH-systems

Option package S7 F-Systems V6.1 for STEP 7 for the F-systems with CPU 41x H

6ES7 833-1CC02-0YA5

Safety Matrix Tool V6.2

6ES7 833-1SM02-0YA5

Safety Matrix Editor V6.2

6ES7 833-1SM42-0YA5 

Safety Matrix Viewer V6.2 to PCS7

6ES7 833-1SM62-0YA5

Option package S7 Distributed Safety V5.4

6ES7 833-1FC02-0YA5

F-modules for S7-300F and ET 200M

SM 326 24 F-DI = 24 B. 12 or 24 inputs = 24 

6ES7 326-1BK02-0AB0

SM 326 8 F-DI = 24V NAMUR. 4 or 8 inputs = 24, NAMUR

6ES7 326-1RF00-0AB0 

SM 326 10 F-DO = 24V/2A. 5 or 10 outputs = 24V/2A

6ES7 326-2BF10-0AB0 

SM 326 8 F-DO = 24V/2A. 4 or 8 outputs 24V/2A = 

6ES7 326-2BF41-0AB0

SM 336 6 F-AI HART 0/4-20 mA 

6ES7 336-4GE00-0AB0

Separator module. Established between conventional and F-modules

6ES7 195-7KF00-0XA0

F-modules for S7-300F and ET 200 iSP


6ES7 138-7FN00-0AB0

4 F-DO Ex 17.4V/40mA 

6ES7 138-7FD00-0AB0

4 F-AI Ex HART = 2-wire transmitter 4 ... 20 mA, HART protocol 

6ES7 138-7FA00-0AB0

F-module for PROFI safe ET 200 pro

8/16 F-DI DC24V PROFI safe

6ES7 148-4FA00-0AB0

4/8 F-DI / 4 F-DO DC24V/2A PROFI safe

6ES7 148-4FC00-0AB0 

F Switch PROFI safe 

6ES7 148-4FS00-0AB0

CM 2 x M12 for F Switch PROFI safe

6ES7 194-4DA00-0AA0

CM 12 x M12 for EM 4/8 F-DI / 4 F-DO DC24V / 2A PROFI safe

6ES7 194-4DC00-0AA0 

CM 16 x M12 for 8/16 F-DI DC24V PROFI safe

6ES7 194-4DD00-0AA0 

Force F-ins for PROFI safe ET 200 pro 

Isolation Module F-RSM to manage the supply chains of power modules 

3RK1 304-0HS00-7AA0

Disable module for use with ASM F-RSM

3RK1 304-0HS00-8AA0

Bus coupler module width of 110 mm (F-RSM, ASM, ...) 

3RK1 922-2BA00

Inverter module ET 200pro FC F-performance, 400V / 1.1 kW

6SL3 235-0TE21-1SB0

Bus connector for modules ET 200pro FC

6SL3 260-2TA00-0AA0

F-module for PROFI safe ET 200 eco

Module 4/8 F-DI = 24 PROFIsafe, 4 or 8 inputs = 24

6ES7 148-3FA00-0XB0

Terminal Block

M12, 7/8 "

6ES7 194-3AA00-0BA0


6ES7 194-3AA00-0AA0

Electronic Modules PROFI safe F- 

for the ET 200S

4/8 F-DI = 24V PROFIsafe. 4 or 8 digital inputs, 24 VDC

6ES7 138-4FA04-0AB0

4 F-DO = 24V/2A PROFIsafe. 4 digital outputs = 24V/2A

6ES7 138-4FB03-0AB0 

4 F-DI / 3 F-DO PROFIsafe. 4 inputs, 24 VDC, 3 outputs 24 V / 2 A

6ES7 138-4FC01-0AB0

1 F-RO = 24 V / 2 A, AC 24 ... 230V/5A

6ES7 138-4FR00-0AA0 

Terminal module for electronic modules (30 mm) 

TM-E30S46-A1, screw terminal

6ES7 193-4CF40-0AA0

TM-E30C46-A1, contacts latch 

6ES7 193-4CF50-0AA0

TM-E30S44-01, contacts the screw

6ES7 193-4CG20-0AA0

TM-E30C44-01, contacts the latch

6ES7 193-4CG30-0AA0

Power Control Module PM-E F = 24 B PROFI safe with emergency power-off bus

P1, P2

6ES7 138-4CF03-0AB0


6ES7 138-4CF42-0AB0

Terminal module for PM-E PROFIsafe

TM-P30S44-A0, screw terminal

6ES7 193-4CK20-0AA0

TM-P30C44-A0, contacts latch

6ES7 193-4CK30-0AA0

F-monitoring modules for power supply

ET 200S modules

F-module power control PM-D F PROFIsafe

3RK1 903-3BA02

Terminal module for PM-D F PROFIsafe

3RK1 903-3AA00

The multiplier F-CM contact module PM-D F PROFIsafe

3RK1 903-3CA00

Terminal module for F-CM

3RK1 903-3AB10 

F-module power control PM-D F X1

3RK1 903-3DA00

Terminal module for PM-D F X1

with connection terminals Un

3RK1 903-3AE00

without connection terminals Un

3RK1 903-3AE10 

Fail Safe monitoring for (circuit breaker + contactor) F-execution for ET 200S

Irreversible feeder load FDS1e-x, the range of protection settings

0.3 ... 3 A / Pmot = 1.1 kW / Vmotor = 400

3RK1 301-0AB13-0AA2

2.4 ... 8A / Pmot = 3.0 kW / Vmotor = 400

3RK1 301-0BB13-0AA2

2.4 ... 16A / Pmot = 7.5 kW / Vmotor = 400 

3RK1 301-0CB13-0AA2

Reversing feeder load FRS1e-x, the range of protection settings

0.3 ... 3 A / Pmot = 1.1 kW / Vmotor = 400

3RK1 301-0AB13-1AA2 

2.4 ... 8A / Pmot = 3.0 kW / Vmotor = 400

3RK1 301-0BB13-1AA2

2.4 ... 16A / Pmot = 7.5 kW / Vmotor = 400 

3RK1 301-0CB13-1AA2 

Terminal module for


TM-DS65-S32 with connection terminals Un

3RK1 903-3AC00

 TM-DS65-S31 without connection terminals Un

3RK1 903-3AC10


TM-RS130-S32 with connection terminals Un

3RK1 903-3AD00 

TM-RS130-S31 without connection terminals Un

3RK1 903-3AD10

Power Control Modules SIGUARD


3RK1 903-1BA00


3RK1 903-1BB00 


3RK1 903-1BD00

PM-D F4 

3RK1 903-1BC00

PM-D F5 

3RK1 903-1BE00

Terminal modules

TM-F30 for PM-D F 

TM-PF30 S47-B1 for PM-D F1/F2, sensor circuits and power supply circuits U1 and U2

3RK1 903-1AA00

TM-PF30 S47-B0 for PM-D F1/F2 and sensor circuits

3RK1 903-1AA10

TM-PF30 S47-C1 for PM-D F3/F4, sensor circuits and power supply circuits U1 and U2

3RK1 903-1AC00

TM-PF30 S47-C0 for PM-D F3/F4 and sensor circuits 

3RK1 903-1AC10

TM-PF30 S47-D0 for PM-D F5 

3RK1 903-1AD10



Connection module for installation at the end of a chain of safe automation control

3RK1 903-1CB00 

Terminal module for connection module SIGUARD

3RK1 903-1AB00 

F kit

non-reversing starter DS1-x

3RK1 903-1CA00 

reversing starters RS1-x

3RK1 903-1CA01

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