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Logo control from Siemens:

The natural choice



LOGO! from Siemens offers you the support you need

at a price you can afford. Perform small-scale automation tasks more quickly and free up space in your switch cabinet. With 8 basic logic functions and 30/35 special functions, the LOGO! logic module can replace a large number of conventional switching and control devices.

The natural logic module choice: LOGO! now is even

more versatile for analog value applications and simple control tasks.



Order Numbers

LOGO! Basic (with built-in keyboard and display)

LOGO! 12/24RC: = 12/24B; 4DI; 4DI/4AI; 4DO relay clock

6ED1 052-1MD00-0BA6

LOGO! 24C: = 24B; 4DI; 4DI/4AI; 4DO transistor

6ED1 052-1CC01-0BA6

LOGO! 24RC: E" 24B; 8DI; 4DO relay clock

6ED1 052-1HB00-0BA6 

LOGO! 230RC: E" 230B; 8DI; 4DO relay clock

6ED1 052-1FB00-0BA6

LOGO! Pure (without display and keyboard)

LOGO! 12/24RCo: = 12/24B; 4DI; 4DI/4AI; 4DO relay clock

6ED1 052-2MD00-0BA6

LOGO! 24Co: = 24B; 4DI; 4DI/4AI; 4DO transistor.

6ED1 052-2CC01-0BA6

LOGO! 24RCo: E" 24B; 8DI; 4DO relay clock

6ED1 052-2HB00-0BA6

LOGO! 230RCo: E" 230B; 8DI; 4DO relay clock

6ED1 052-2FB00-0BA6

LOGO! Ethernet (with built-in keyboard, display and Ethernet interface)

LOGO! 12/24RCE: = 12/24B; 4DI; 4DI/4AI; 4DO relay, watches, built-in Ethernet port

6ED1 052-1MD00-0BA7

LOGO! 230RCE: E" 230B; 8DI; 4DO relay, watches, built-in Ethernet port

6ED1 052-1FB00-0BA7

Digital Module

DM8 24: = 24B; 4DI; 4DO Transit

6ED1 055-1CB00-0BA0 

DM8 12/24R: = 12/24B; 4DI; 4DO relay

6ED1 055-1MB00-0BA1

DM8 230R: E" 230B; 4DI; 4DO relay

6ED1 055-1FB00-0BA1 

DM8 24R: E" 24B; 4DI; 4DO relay

6ED1 055-1HB00-0BA0

DM16 24: = 24B; 8DI; 8DO transistor

6ED1 055-1CB10-0BA0

DM16 230R: E" 230B; 8DI; 8DO relay

6ED1 055-1FB10-0BA0

DM16 24R: = 24B; 8DI; 8DO relay 

6ED1 055-1NB10-0BA0 

Analog Modules

AM2 = 12/24V; 2xAI; 0 ... 10 V / 0 ... 20 mA

6ED1 055-1MA00-0BA0 

AM2 RTD: = 12/24V; 2xAI Pt100/1000, -50 ... +200 C ?

6ED1 055-1MD00-0BA1

AM2 AQ = 24V; 2xAO; 0 ... 10 V, 0/4 ... 20 mA

6ED1 055-1MM00-0BA1

Communication modules

CM AS-i: slave, 4DI/4DO; = 24B

3RK1 400-0CE10-0AA2

CM KNX / EIB: master, 16DI/12DO/8AI/2AO; E" 24B

6BK1 700-0BA00-0AA2

Additional module

LOGO! Contact

24: 24 VDC

6ED1 057-4CA00-0AA0

230: ~ 230B

6ED1 057-4EA00-0AA0

Power supplies LOGO! Power

= 12B/1.9A, 30W

6EP1 321-1SH03

= 12B/4.5A, 60W

6EP1 322-1SH03

= 24B/1.3A, 30W 

6EP1 331-1SH03 

= 24B/2.5A, 60W

6EP1 332-1SH43 

= 24B/4.0A, 90W

6EP1 332-1SH52 



6ED1 056-1DA00-0BA0


6ED1 056-6XA00-0BA0

memory and battery

6ED1 056-7DA00-0BA0 

Panel LOGO! TD, 4 rows, 2.5 m cable, 24V DC

6ED1 055-4MH00-0BA0 

GSM kit LOGO! INSYS 4.3 (GSM modem INSYS 4.3 Compact, antenna, cable, software)


Switches CSM, 4 Ethernet-port

= 12/24V

6GK7 177-1MA10-0AA0

~ / = 230

6GK7 177-1FA10-0AA0

Optional Accessories

ON LOGO! Soft Comfort V7

6ED1 058-0BA02-0YA1 


PC <-> LOGO! RS323 

6ED1 057-1AA00-0BA0


6ED1 057-1AA01-0BA0

LOGO! <-> Modem

6ED1 057-1CA00-0BA0

LOGO! Ethernet 

6XV1 850-2GE50

Parking frame (IP 65) 


6AG1 057-1AA00-0AA0 

4TE with keypad

6AG1 057-1AA00-0AA3


6AG1 057-1AA00-0AA1

8TE with the keypad.

6AG1 057-1AA00-0AA2

LOGO! Prom (write memory) 

6AG1 057-1AA01-0BA6 

Signal simulator LOGO! 12/24

6AG1 057-1AA02-0AA0 

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