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ET 200iSP:

Station of the distributed IO EX-zones  



SIMATIC ET200iSP - a station of distributed IO with degree of protection IP 30, designed for installation in hazardous areas (Ex-zone).

The station serves as a standard slave ProfiBus DP (DP V0 and DP V1) and is capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbit / s.



Order Numbers


6ES7 152-1AA00-0AB0

Discrete  modules

8 DI x NAMUR (2 channels up to 5 kHz) 

6ES7 131-7RF00-0AB0 

4 DO x 23.1 V / 20 mA switched

negative supply rail load

6ES7 132-7GD00-0AB0

positive supply rail load

6ES7 132-7RD01-0AB0

4 DO x 17.4 in / 27 mA switched

negative supply rail load

6ES7 132-7GD10-0AB0

positive supply rail load

6ES7 132-7RD11-0AB0 

4 DO x 17.4 in / 40 mA switched

negative supply rail load

6ES7 132-7GD21-0AB0 

positive supply rail load

6ES7 132-7RD22-0AB0

2 DO Relay UC 60V / 2 A


6ES7 132-7HB00-0AB0

Analog  Modules

4 AI, 2-wire transmitter 4 ... 20 mA, HART protocol

6ES7 134-7TD00-0AB0

4 AI, 4-wire sensors 0/4 ... 20 mA, HART protocol 

6ES7 134-7TD50-0AB0 

4 AI thermocouple module with internal temperature compensation

6ES7 134-7SD00-0AB0 

4 AI temperature sensors Pt100/Ni100

6ES7 134-7SD51-0AB0

4 AO, 4 ... 20 mA, HART protocol

6ES7 135-7TD00-0AB0

Watchdog module to control an external switching device in the chain of supply to the load

6ES7 138-7BB00-0AB0 

False module

6ES7 138-7AA00-0AA0

Power Supply EEx d 85 ... 264V AC

6ES7 138-7EC00-0AA0

Power Supply EEx d 24V DC

6ES7 138-7EA01-0AA0 

Terminal  modules for

IM 152 module and the electronics module

TM-IM/EM60S, screw terminal 

6ES7 193-7AA00-0AA0

TM-IM/EM60C, contacts latch 

6ES7 193-7AA10-0AA0

two modules IM 152 

TM-IM/IM, redundant network

6ES7 193-7AB00-0AA0 

two electronic modules

TM-EM/EM60S, screw terminal

6ES7 193-7CA00-0AA0

TM-EM/EM60S, contacts latch

6ES7 193-7CA10-0AA0 

Relay Module

TM-RM/RM kontaktypod screw 

6ES7 193-7CB00-0AA0

Power Supply

TM-PS-A, normal food

6ES7 193-7DA10-0AA0 

TM-PS-B, redundant power

6ES7 193-7DB10-0AA0

TM-PS-A US, ordinary food

6ES7 193-7DA20-0AA0

TM-PS-B US, redundant power

6ES7 193-7DB20-0AA0 


585 mm (650 mm for cabinets)

6ES7 390-1AF85-0AA0

885 mm (950 mm for cabinets) 

6ES7 390-1AJ85-0AA0

Plastic markers for terminal modules

200 markers applied without labeling

8WA8 848-2AY

10 sets of markers labeled 1 ... 20

8WA8 861-0AB

5 sets of markers labeled 1 ... 40

8WA8 861-0AC

1 set of printed 1 ... 64 + 2 sets labeled 1 ... 68

8WA8 861-0DA

Module RS 485-IS Coupler

6ES7 972-0AC80-0XA0

Connector for connecting the bus to the PROFIBUS RS485IS

module RS 485-IS Coupler

6ES7 972-0BA30-0XA0

ET 200iSP station 

6ES7 972-0DA60-0XA0

Control cabinets EEx e steel housing IP66

650h450h230 mm

3 rows of cable entry 

6DL2 804-0AD30

for wall mounting in Ex-Zone 1 for a gaseous medium, 

5 rows of the cable access

6DL2 804-0AD50

without components ET 200iSP

950h450h230 mm

3 rows of cable entry

6DL2 804-0AE30


5 rows of the cable access

6DL2 804-0AE50

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