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Consultation, Designing , Distributing, performing  industrial automation projects.

Produce kinds of industrial interface, adaptor & industrial controller


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Industrial Interface


We produce industrial interface and adapter for

Industrial application.


Programming cable

for PLC and HMI for all famous Brand such as: Siemens, Allen Bradley,Mitsubishi,GE Fanuc ,Omron,….


Serial interface for Serial RS232,RS485,RS422


TCP/IP Ethernet adapter


Fibber optic Adapter


Wireless Adapter


Siemens PLC/HMI programming cable




USB TO PPI (S7-200)


Pc Adapter MPI-USB





















connect PC`s USB Port to

LOGO ! Siemens PLC.


USB TO PPI Cable connect PC`s USB Port to S7-200 Siemens PLC


USB TO MPI Cable connect PC`s USB Port to S7-400/300/200/DP Siemens PLC


USB-to-TTY Cable connect PC to S5-Siemens PLC


Siemens PLC/HMI programming cable


RS232  TO LOGO! Cable


RS232 TO PPI (S7-200)


Pc Adapter MPI-Serial


RS232 TO TTY (S5)



















RS232 TO LOGO! Cable connect PC to LOGO ! Siemens PLC


RS232 TO PPI Cable connect PC`s  Port to S7-200 Siemens PLC


RS232 TO MPI Cable connect PC`s Port toS7-400/300/200/DP Siemens PLC


RS232 TO TTY Cable connect

PC to S5-Siemens PLC


MITSUBISHI PLC/HMI programming cable


SC09 USB ! Cable


SC09 Serial


Mitsubish HMI cable


Mitsubishi Servo cable


























connect PC`s USB Port to

Mitsubishi A,Q,Fx  PLC


connect PC`s  Port to

Mitsubishi A,Q,Fx  PLC


Connect PC to mitsubishi HMI , GOT900 ,GOT 1000  and E


Mitsubishi Servo Connection cable

MR-C , J2 servo-J3 Servo


Omron PLC cable


Allen Bradley PLC  and HMI cable


Telemecanique PLC cable


GE Fanuc PLC cable



Omron PLC programming cable



AB  PLC programming cable



Telemecanique PLC programming cable



GE fanuc programming cable


























Connect Omron PLC , C,C200,CJ, CQ,… To PC port


Connect Allen Bradley PLC , SLC To PC port


Connect telemecanique PLC Twido ,Modicon ,premium.. To PC


Connect GE fanuc PLC  90-30/20/Micro  To PC