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Produce kinds of industrial interface, adaptor & industrial controller


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SIMATIC Multi Panels:


SIMATIC Multi Panels are perfect for demanding HMI tasks. All multifunction panels in our product range are clear winners in terms of high performance, openness and modular expandability — for example, with SPS Option WinAC MP software. This means that several automation functions can be combined on a single platform.


Order No.

PN MP 177 color touch screen

6AV6 642-0EA01-3AX0

MP277-8 "


6AV6 643-0CB01-1AX1

Membrane Keyboard

6AV6 643-0DB01-1AX1

MP277-10 "


6AV6 643-0CD01-1AX1

sensor with stainless steel front panel

6AV6 643-0ED01-2AX0

Membrane Keyboard

6AV6 643-0DD01-1AX1

MP 377-12 "


6AV6 644-0AA01-2AX0

Membrane Keyboard

6AV6 644-0BA01-2AX1

MP 377-15 "


6AV6 644-0AB01-2AX0

sensor with stainless steel front panel

6AV6 644-0CB01-2AX0

higher brightness and contrast for work in daylight

6AV6 644-8AB20-0AA1

MP 377-19 "


6AV6 644-0AC01-2AX1

Engineering software WinCC flexible 2008 Standard

6AV6 612-0AA51-3CA5

Set design: WinCC flexible 2008 Standard, CD with manuals, cables for download

6AV6 622-0BA01-0AA0

Engineering software WinCC Comfort

6AV2 101-0AA02-0AA5

RS232/PPI multi master cable (for downloading and programming MP277 MP377)

6ES7 901-3CB30-0XA0

Protective film for touch screens

MP 277-8 Touch

10 pc.

6AV6 671-3CC00-0AX0

MP 277-10 Touch

10 pc.

6AV6 671-3DC00-0AX0

MP 377-15 Touch

10 pc.

6AV6 574-1AD00-4EX0

Protection for the front MP277 10 "Touch and Thin Client 10" Touch

2 pcs.

6AV6 671-3CK00-0AX0

Stylus for Touch Screen

6AV7 672-1JB00-0AA0

Service package for

xP277 (labels, seals, fasteners, terminals, socket)

6AV6 671-3XA01-0AX0

MP377 Touch (gaskets, fasteners, terminals, socket)

6AV6 671-4XA00-0AX0

Memory cards

MMC for MP277 / MP377


6AV6 671-1CB00-0AX2

SD for MP277 / MP377


6AV6 671-8XB10-0AX1

CF-for MP377


6AV6 574-2AC00-2AA1

Industrial USB HUB 4, IP65, with 4 USB interfaces for MP277

6AV6 671-3AH00-0AX0

Profibus with axial plug outlet (1800) for PC, OP, OLM;

6GK1 500-0EA02

Adapter (plug) RS422/485 with cable outlet ago, at 90 ?

6AV6 671-8XD00-0AX0

RS422/RS232 converter to connect the TP / OP to third party PLCs

6AV6 671-8XE00-0AX0

The backup battery, 3.6 V, 1.7Ach (spare part)